Treatment for White Patches

VITILIGO (vitellus – Latin for spotted calf) or Leucoderma (leukoderma) – White patches

The fact that the largest organ of our body is visible is both an advantage and a disadvantage. Any visual changes in the skin like White Patches or Vitiligo Patches can affect the confidence of the person. The advantage however is, complaints like Vitiligo Patches on skin can be identified at once and Treatment for White Patches can be started early to provide Cure for Vitiligo or Cure for Leucoderma.

A Vitiligo Patch is a large (>2-cm) flat lesion – white in colour, showing differentiation from the surrounding skin. There may be white patches all over one’s body. Vitiligo affects 1% of the total population.

Location of White Patches:

White Patches in Vitiligo may be symmetrical. Generalised Vitiligo may involve hands, wrists, knees, feet, and neck.

If Vitiligo Patches are present only in one part of the body it is called Segmental Vitiligo.

White Patches may occur in peri-orifical areas surrounding eyes, nose, mouth, lip, anus, umbilicus, genitals, and nipples. Treatment for Lip Vitiligo and Face Vitiligo should be started early since these are on exposed areas. Spread of Lip Vitiligo and Face Vitiligo can be emotionally depressing for the person.

Why white patches occur only in some targeted locations and not in others is still not clear.

Cause of Vitiligo Patches:

The cause of vitiligo has not yet been well proven. Vitiligo is generally accepted to be due to cell-mediated autoimmune destruction of melanocytes. An autoimmune disorder is a condition where the body detects one’s own healthy tissue as a foreign body and attacks the healthy tissue. In Vitiligo, the body attacks the melanocytes interfering with the production of melanin causing white patches in specific areas of the body.

Vitiligo is acquired and usually occurs in people with a genetic predisposition. It is important to be prudent when there is a family history of Vitiligo since Vitiligo runs in families. People suffering from Vitiligo should start Treatment for Vitiligo or Treatment for White Patches early and focus on curbing the spread of Vitiligo as soon as possible, preferably when the first White Patch or Vitiligo lesion occurs. When Treatment for White Patches is started early the chances of Cure for Vitiligo are far higher than when the disease is widespread.

Leucoderma might occur in a person due to Koebner’s phenomenon after trauma or sunburn.

Vitiligo may also be exacerbated by stress leading to more White Patches.

Diagnosis of Vitiligo Patches:

Diagnosis of Vitiligo can be done by examining the patches under Wood’s Lamp.

Skin biopsy can also be advised in doubtful cases.

Treatment for White Patches – Cure for Vitiligo:

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