Homeopathy Doctor for Vitiligo

Best Doctor for Vitiligo Treatment

Popularly known as Dr. Cheena, Dr. Chidambaranathan has over 32 years of extensive experience treating patients. With his vast expertise, drcheena® homeopathic treatment for vitiligo was perfected.

With so many successful cases of vitiligo being treated at Laxmi Homeo Clinic, people suffering from vitiligo rushed to Laxmi Homeo Clinic. Laxmi Vitiligo Centre was founded in 2021 as a specialized center to serve people suffering from vitiligo alone and provide better personal treatment.

Vitiligo Specialists in Laxmi Vitiligo Centre provide the Best Vitiligo Treatment in Bangalore, the Best Vitiligo Treatment in Chennai, and the Best Vitiligo Treatment in Madurai. We take pride in being a one-stop hospital for vitiligo providing the best homeopathic treatment for vitiligo in a safe, effective, and reliable way, helping people suffering from vitiligo achieve the Best Results.

Our Vision

Being the best homeopathic doctor for vitiligo in India, Dr Cheena’s Vision is

To Accelerate the shift to more sustainable and reliable treatment protocols contributing to a Healthier Tomorrow.

Our Mission

We strive to treat people suffering from dermatological ailments in the best possible way while also providing for their mental, physical and social needs thereby significantly improving quality of life, following ethical principles.